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Hitomi Yaida Colorock Live 2008

DVD Cover
Yaida Hitomi
Hitomi Yaida COLOROCK LIVE 2008
2008.12.28 (Live Album)
Catalog Number
¥2,400 (Live Album)
  1. YES
  2. Happy Spinner (ハッピースピナー)
  3. Buzzstyle
  4. Siren
  5. I Love You no Katachi (I Love Youの形)
  6. Not Still Over
  7. Mikansei no Melody (未完成のメロディ; Incomplete Melody)
  8. Kutsuoto (靴音)
  9. Niji no Drive (虹のドライブ; Rainbow Drive)
  10. How?
  11. Aitai Hito (会いたい人; The Person That I Want To See)
  12. Kimi Koso Michi Shirube (君こそ道しるべ)
  13. Koi Bus (恋バス; Love Bus)
  14. Dokidoki no Tsubomi (ドキドキのつぼみ)
  15. i can fly
  16. Miracle Wiper (ミラクルワイパー)
  17. Andante (アンダンテ)
  18. Go my way
  19. Never Land Iki (ネバーランド行き)
  20. Not Enough / . ~period~
  21. my sweet darlin' / Te to Namida (手と涙; Hands and Tears)
  22. Monochrome Letter (モノクロレター)
  23. Hane Yume (ハネユメ)


Hitomi Yaida COLOROCK LIVE 2008 is the tenth DVD released by Yaida Hitomi. It includes footage from her April 11, 2008 performance at Tokyo's JCB Hall during the Hitomi Yaida COLOROCK LIVE 2008 tour. In December a live album of the performance was released via digital download. The DVD reached #66 on the Oricon charts and stayed on the charts for a total of two weeks.

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