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Single Collection / Yaiko's Selection

Album Cover
Yaida Hitomi
Single collection / Yaiko's selection
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  • DISC 1
  1. How?
  2. B'coz I Love You
  3. my sweet darlin'
  4. I'm here saying nothing
  5. Look Back Again
  6. Over The Distance
  7. Buzzstyle
  8. Ring my bell
  9. Andante (アンダンテ)
  10. Mikansei no Melody (未完成のメロディ; Incomplete Melody)
  11. Kodoku na Cowboy (孤独なカウボーイ; Lonely Cowboy)
  12. Hitori Jenga (一人ジェンガ; One Person Jenga)
  • DISC 2
  1. i can fly
  2. I like (U.K. Mix)
  3. Candle (キャンドル)
  4. Mother (マザー)
  5. we'll be...
  6. Aitai Hito (会いたい人; The Person Who I'd Like to Meet)
  7. Are you ready? boy
  8. Niji no Drive (虹のドライブ; Drive of Rainbow)
  9. Nee (ねえ; Well)
  10. Mienai Hikari (見えない光; Invisible Star)
  11. Te to Namida (手と涙; The Hand and a Tear)
  12. Chain (チェイン)
  13. Your Kiss
  14. Life's like a love song
DVD Tracklist
  1. B'coz I Love You (PV)
  2. my sweet darlin' (PV)
  3. I'm here saying nothing (PV)
  4. Look Back Again (PV)
  5. Over The Distance (PV)
  6. Buzzstyle (PV)
  7. Ring my bell (PV)
  8. Andante (PV)
  9. Mikansei no Melody (PV)
  10. Kodoku na Cowboy (PV)
  11. Hitori Jenga (PV)
  12. Yaiko Music History


Single collection / Yaiko's selection is a special box consisting of two albums: disc one has Single collection and disc two has Yaiko's selection. It also contains one DVD with her PV's and also a Yaiko Music History. The box reached #3 on the Oricon charts and stayed on the charts for a total of 24 weeks.

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