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Hitomi Yaida Music in the Air ~Dome Live 2004~

DVD Cover
Yaida Hitomi
HITOMI YAIDA Music in the Air ~dome live 2004~
Catalog Number
  1. B'coz I Love You
  2. Creamed potatoes
  3. Uma to Ninjin (馬と人参; Horses and Carrots)
  4. Look Back Again
  5. Hitori Jenga (一人ジェンガ; One Person Jenga)
  6. Aitai Hito (会いたい人; The Person That I Want To See)
  7. Mienai Hikari (見えない光; Invisible Star)
  8. Monochrome Letter (モノクロレター)
  9. Your Kiss
  10. Marble Iro no Hi (マーブル色の日; Marble-coloured Day)
  11. Te to Namida (手と涙; Hands and Tears)
  12. Moshimo no Uta feat. Genittetsu (もしものうた)
  13. We'll be... feat. Genittetsu
  14. Not Still Over
  15. Slide show
  16. Buzzstyle
  17. Ring my bell
  18. Tsuki no Namida (月のなみだ; Moon Tears)
  19. i can fly
  20. I like
  21. my sweet darlin'
  22. Life's like a love song feat. Genittetsu
    • COUNTDOWN LIVE 2004-2005 @ Nagoya Rainbow Hall ~04-05 Countdown~
  1. Look Back Again feat. Genittetsu
  2. I like feat. Genittetsu
  3. Andante feat. Genittetsu (アンダンテ)


HITOMI YAIDA Music in the Air ~dome live 2004~ is the eighth DVD released by Yaida Hitomi. It also contains life footage filmed on December 31 at Nagoya Rainbow Hall. The DVD reached #10 on the Oricon charts and stayed on the charts for a total of five weeks.

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