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Sound Drop ~MTV Unplugged & Acoustic Live 2005~

Album Cover
Yaida Hitomi
Sound drop ~MTV Unplugged+Acoustic live 2005~
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist <from MTV Unplugged>
  1. Candle (キャンドル)
  2. i really want to understand you
  3. How?
  4. Marble Iro no Hi (マーブル色の日; Marble-coloured Day)
  5. fast car
  6. Nee (ねえ; Well)
  7. my sweet darlin'
  8. Bell wo Miorosu Okujo de (ビルを見下ろす屋上で)
DVD Tracklist
  • from Yaida Hitomi acoustic live 2005 ~Otono Shizuku~
  1. Monochrome Letter (モノクロレター)
  2. Not Still Over
  3. Te to Namida (手と涙)
  4. Life's like a love song


Sound drop ~MTV Unplugged+Acoustic live 2005~ is the second live album (first acoustic) released by Yaida Hitomi. It's a selection of Yaida Hitomi's acoustic tracks carefully chosen from those featured on her latest DVD Hitomi Yaida MTV Unplugged and those performed live at her all-acoustic tour. The album reached #29 on the Oricon weekly charts and stayed on the charts for a total of three weeks, selling 12,018 copies.

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