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Lovebox Live Tour

DVD Cover
Lovebox Live Tour
Catalog Number
DVD Tracklist
  1. Lovebox Intro
  2. Yurayura (ユラユラ)
  3. stardust
  4. bye bye
  5. Koi Kogarete (恋焦がれて)
  6. Mou Nido to... (もう二度と…)
  7. a million jewels
  8. Hitomi Tojite (瞳とじて)
  9. Kimi Ja Nakya (君じゃなきゃ)
  10. Sign (サイン)
  11. Zutto Futari de (ずっと二人で)
  12. MOVE
  13. break the rules
  14. Anything Goes!!
  15. Kiss Kiss Kiss
  16. Gimme Gimme♥ (ギミギミ♥)
  17. Message
  18. KIRA☆KIRA☆
CD Tracklist
  1. Yurayura (ユラユラ)
  2. bye bye
  3. Koi Kogarete (恋焦がれて)
  4. Mou Nido to... (もう二度と…)
  5. Sign (サイン)
  6. Zutto Futari de (ずっと二人で)
  7. Kiss Kiss Kiss
  8. Gimme Gimme♥ (ギミギミ♥)


Lovebox Live Tour is the second joint live album and DVD released by BENI. It contains footage from her first Zepp tour Lovebox Live Tour with Rouge de BENI at Zepp Tokyo. The performances of "he is mine", "Anything Goes!!", "Girl's Night", "My Friend", "Heaven's Door" and "2FACE" were cut from the DVD. The CD portion included selected live tracks and a new song "ONLY ONE" which was originally intended to be her 19th single released on the same day; the song was used as the insert song of the movie Runaway☆Beat. The album peaked at #48 on the Oricon charts and charted for four weeks, selling 4,059 copies.

Tour Schedule

Date Time Place
2010.10.08 18:00 Zepp Fukuoka
2010.10.10 17:30 Zepp Nagoya
2010.10.15 17:00 Zepp Osaka
2010.10.29 19:00 Zepp Sapporo
2010.10.31 18:00 Zepp Sendai
2010.11.04 18:00 Zepp Tokyo

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