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Shiki Uta Summer

Album Cover
Shiki Uta summer (四季うた summer; Four Seasons Songs Summer)
Catalog Number
UPCH-29220 (Limited Edition)
UPCH-20420 (Regular Edition)
¥3,980 (Limited Edition)
¥2,484 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Summer Lovers (サマーラバーズ)
  2. Natsu no Omoide (夏の思い出; Summer Memories) (original: Ketsumeishi)
  3. Forever (フォエバ)
  4. Eien marriage ver. (永遠; Eternity) (Self Cover)
  5. Baby Blue
  6. Hanabi (花火; Fireworks)
  7. Summer Night Fever (サマー・ナイト・フィーバー)
  8. OUR SKY
  9. Zenryoku Shounen (全力少年; Best Boy) (original: Sukima Switch, from COVERS 3)
  10. Natsu ga Owaru Koro (夏が終わる頃; Around the End of Summer)
DVD Tracklist
  • "BENI 'BEST' LIVE TOUR 2014" 2014.12.26 Tour Final @ Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall
  1. Beautiful World
  2. My World
  3. 2FACE
  4. Koi Kogarete (恋焦がれて)
  5. Utautai no Ballad (歌うたいのバラッド; Singing a Ballad Song)
  6. Ti Amo
  7. Yura Yura (ユラユラ)
  8. Gimme Gimme♥ (ギミギミ❤︎)
  9. Darlin'
  10. KIRA☆KIRA☆
  11. bye bye
  12. Koe wo Kikasete (声を聞かせて; Let Me Hear Your Voice)
  13. Sign (サイン)
  14. Kiss Kiss Kiss
  15. Zutto Futari de (ずっと二人で; Always the Two of Us)
  16. Heaven's Door
  17. Eien (永遠; Eternity)
  18. Satsuki Ame (さつきあめ; Early Summer Rain)
  19. Suki Dakara. (好きだから。; I Love You Therefore)
  20. Mou Ichido... (もう一度...; Once More...) feat. BENI
  21. Mou Nido to... (もう二度と・・; Never Again...)
  22. crazy girl
  23. Anything Goes!!
  24. OUR SKY
  25. Oh Yeah!
  26. Message
  27. Forever (フォエバ)
  28. FLY HIGH

Shiki Uta summer is the first concept album released by BENI. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD special package edition and a regular CD only edition. It was the #662 album of 2016.

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