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Naega Saranghaetdeon Ireum (The Name)

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Naega Saranghaetdeon Ireum (The Name) (내가 사랑했던 이름; The Name That I Once Loved)
Lee Sung Soo
Lee Sung Soo
Other Information
Arrangement: Lee Sung Soo
Direction: Lee Sung Soo
Background Vocals: Lee Sung Soo
Dums: Shin Suk Chul
Guitar: Go Myung Jae
Bass: Go Shin Jae
Piano: Lee Hwa
Strings: Yung STRING
Strings Arrangement: Lee Na Il
Strings Recording: Nam Goong Jin @ S.M. Concert Hall Studio
Recording: Lee Sung Ho @ S.M. Yellow Tail Studio, Nam Goong Jin @ S.M. Concert Hall Studio
Mixing: Nam Goong Jin @ S.M. Concert Hall Studio

"Naega Saranghaetdeon Ireum (The Name)" is a song recorded by SHINee, found on their third Korean mini-album 2009, Year Of Us as track #6. It is only sung by member Onew, and features Kim Yun Woo.