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Neoui Noraega Dwieo (An Ode to You)

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Odd Cover
Neoui Noraega Dwieo (An Ode To You) (너의 노래가 되어; I Become Your Song)
Kim Hyun Woo (CLEF CREW)
Kim Hyun Woo, Gong Du Hyung (CLEF CREW)
Other Information
Arrangement: Park Chang Hyun
Direction: Park Chang Hyun
Background Vocals: SHINee
Drum: Gang Su Ho
Bass: Choi Hun
Guitar: Jung Su Wan
Piano: Park Chang Hyun
Strings Arrangement & Conduction: Park In Young
Strings: Yung
Recording: Jung Eun Kyung @ In Grid Studio, Jung Ki Hong (Assistant Park Mu Il) @ Seoul Studio, Kim Kap Soo @ sound POOL Studio
Strings Recording: Oh Sung Kun (Assistant Baek Kyung Hun) @ Studio-T
Protools Operating: Park Chang Hyun
Digital Editing: Park Chang Hyun
Mixing: Gu Jong Pil @ S.M. Yellow Tail Studio

"Neoui Noraega Dwieo (An Ode To You)" is a song recorded by SHINee, found on their fourth Korean album Odd as track #7.