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QBS promoting "Kaze no You ni" (2013)
(L-R:) Qri, Boram, So Yeon

QBS was the second sub-unit from the Korean group T-ara from MBK Entertainment (formerly Core Contents Media). On April 22nd, 2013 Core Contents Media announced the second sub-unit of the popular group. Unlike the other sub-unit, they will promote in Japan. In May 15, 2017, Boram and So Yeon left T-ARA and MBK Entertainment, consequently also leaving the sub-unit.


Former Members


In April 2013, it was announced that T-ara will be forming a sub-unit to promote in Japan with the members Qri, Boram and So Yeon, after the announcement of the first sub-unit T-ARA N4. The sub-unit made their debut with QBS Special Event in Tokyo on June 10th, shortly after the event they released their debut single on June 26th "Kaze no You ni".



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