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What's My Name (T-ara)

Digital Cover
Mini-Album Cover
What's my name?
Catalog Number
INT-0096 (Normal Edition)
INT-0098 (Qri Edition)
INT-0099 (Hyomin Edition)
INT-0100 (Eun Jung Edition)
INT-0101 (Jiyeon Edition)
  • Normal
  1. Nae Ireumeun (내 이름은; My Name Is)
  2. Reload
  3. 20090729
  4. Nae Ireumeun (Chinese Ver.) (내 이름은)
  5. Nae Ireumeun (Inst.) (내 이름은)
  • "Qri" Version
  1. Diamond (다이아몬드) (Qri solo)
  2. Nae Ireumeun (내 이름은)
  3. Diamond (Chinese Ver.) (다이아몬드)
  • "Hyomin" Version
  1. Ooh La La (Hyomin solo)
  2. Nae Ireumeun (내 이름은)
  3. Ooh La La (Chinese Ver.)
  • "Eun Jung" Version
  1. Real Love (Eun Jung solo)
  2. Nae Ireumeun (내 이름은)
  3. Real Love (Chinese Ver.)
  • "Jiyeon" Version
  1. Lullaby (Jiyeon solo)
  2. Nae Ireumeun (내 이름은)
  3. Lullaby (Chinese Ver.)
  • Digital
  1. Nae Ireumeun (내 이름은)
  2. Reload
  3. 20090729
  4. Diamond (다이아몬드) (Qri solo)
  5. Ooh La La (Hyomin solo)
  6. Real Love (Eun Jung solo)
  7. Lullaby (Jiyeon solo)
  8. Nae Ireumeun (Chinese Ver.) (내 이름은)
  9. Nae Ireumeun (Inst.) (내 이름은)


What's my name? is the ninth mini-album released by T-ara. It's the first release after the departure of members Boram and So Yeon. The song "Nae Ireumeun" was used as the lead track.

Member Edition Covers

Qri Version Cover
Hyomin Version Cover
Eun Jung Version Cover
Jiyeon Version Cover

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