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T-ARA's Free Time in Paris & Swiss

Front Cover
Back Cover
T-ARA's Free Time In Paris & Swiss
  1. Keojitmal (거짓말; Lies)
  2. T.T.L (Time to love)
  3. TTL Listen.2
  4. Bo Peep Bo Peep
  5. Tto Cheo Eumcheoreom (처음처럼; Like The First Time)
  6. Naega Neomu Apa (내가 너무 아파; I'm Really Hurt)
  7. Neo Ttaemune Micheo (너 때문에 미쳐; I Go Crazy Because of You)
  8. yayaya
  9. Wae Ireoni (왜 이러니; Why Are You Being Like This)
  10. Roly-Poly
  11. Cry Cry
  12. Lovey-Dovey
  13. Day By Day
  14. Sexy Love


T-ARA's Free Time In Paris & Swiss is the first remix album (second / third photobook) released by T-ara. The photobook features photos and sketches of them in Paris and Switzerland, and the album comes with remix versions of their most popular songs. The remix songs of "yayaya" and "Wae Ireoni" were previously released on their mini-album John Travolta Wanna Be and the repackage. All of Hwa Youngs raps and vocals in the album have been replaced with Ahreums. It was released along with T-ARA's Freedom Tour In Europe and had a limited amount of 7,000 copies and is out of print.

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