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Ryoute Ippai no Yume

Okui Masami
Ryoute Ippai no Yume (両手いっぱいの夢)
Arimori Satomi
Kudo Takashi
Other Information
Arrangement: Okui Masami

"Ryoute Ippai no Yume" is a anison song by Okui Masami. The song was used as an image song for the OVA Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade II.


There are currently two versions of "Ryoute Ippai no Yume" to be found in Okui Masami's discography.

Ryoute Ippai no Yume
Found on Okui Masami's fourth single, "REINCARNATION", as track #2. It is also found on the Gyuu album as track #4 and on the S-mode #1 album as track #7.
Ryoute Ippai no Yume (off vocal version)
Found on Okui Masami's fourth single, "REINCARNATION", as track #4.