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S-Mode 2

CD Art
Okui Masami
S-mode #2
Catalog Number
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Shake it
  2. Jama wa Sasenai (邪魔はさせない)
  3. naked mind
  4. J
  5. Rinbu-revolution (輪舞-revolution)
  6. Souda, Zettai. (そうだ、ぜったい。)
  7. Birth
  8. AKA (朱 -AKA-)
  9. Never die
  10. Key
  11. Energy (be-show version)
CD2 Tracklist
  1. Lonely soul
  2. Niji no You ni (虹のように)
  3. spirit of the globe
  4. I can't...
  5. precious wing
  6. Taiyou no Hana (太陽の花)
  7. Koishimasho Nebarimasho (恋しましょ ねばりましょ)
  8. Naritai (なりたい)
  9. Tenohira no Kakera (手のひらの破片)
  10. Memorial Song (Original: Iizuka Mayumi)


"S-mode #2" is the second best album released by Okui Masami. The first disc contains the title tracks of her 9th - 16th singles, and the second disc has the B-side track of the same singles. Both discs contains bonus track, the Energy (be-show version) is a self cover version, the original track is on her album: Gyuu. The Memorial Song is a cover. The album reached #50 on the Oricon weekly charts, selling 5,491 copies on its first week. The album was charted for two weeks, sold 6,702 copies in total.

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