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It's Destiny -Yatto Meguri Aeta-

CD Art
Okui Masami
It's DESTINY -Yatto Meguri Aeta- (It's DESTINY -やっと巡り会えた-)
Catalog Number
  1. It's DESTINY -Yatto Meguri Aeta- (It's DESTINY -やっと巡り会えた-)
  2. Live alone... Sennen Tattemo (Live alone…千年たっても)
  3. It's DESTINY -Yatto Meguri Aeta- (off vocal version)
  4. Live alone... Sennen Tattemo (off vocal version)


"It's DESTINY -Yatto Meguri Aeta-" is the sixth single released by Okui Masami. "It's DESTINY -Yatto Meguri Aeta-" and "Live alone... Sennen Tattemo" were used as ending themes for the OVA Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade II. The single reached #80 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for one week, selling 4,340 copies.

Song Information

Arimori Satomi
Kudo Takashi
Other Information
Arrangement: Yabuki Toshiro


There are currently three version of the title track.

It's DESTINY -Yatto Meguri Aeta-
Available on this single as track #1, and also appeared as track #10 on Okui Masami's first studio album: Gyuu, also track #10 on her first best album: S-mode #1, and a live version is available on her first live album: BEST-EST as track #5. There aren't significant changes between the original and live versions.
It's DESTINY -Yatto Meguri Aeta- <NEW Version>
Hayashibara Megumi covered this song onto her 6th studio album: Enfleurage as track #1. The arrangement remained the same.
It's DESTINY -Yatto Meguri Aeta- (off vocal version)
A karaoke version is available on this single as track #3.

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