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Young Town Douyoubi

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ヤングタウン土曜日 (romaji: Young Town Doyoubi) is a MBS Radio show led by Akashiya Sanma and Murakami Shouji. The supporting cast changes often, but it has had several Hello! Project members through the years. Currently, the H!P regulars are Takahashi Ai and Michishige Sayumi. It started transmission in 1992, and it airs on Saturdays, from 22:00 to 23:30 (JST).


Current Corners
  • 前略のコーナー (Zenryaku no Corner)

Several listener letters are received, read, and discussed. The contents of these letters literally go from personal thoughts, to showbiz gossip, to discontent H!P fans asking for Sanma to give guidance or advice to the H!P regulars in the show. Quite often, the discussion of the letter will drift onto something else until Sanma steers the conversation back to the corner.

  • 村上ブログのコーナー (Murakami Blog no Corner)

Excerpts are read from Murakami Shouji's blog. These are usually ridiculed by Sanma.

  • 愛のショージさんとならできるもんっ!のコーナー (Ai no Shouji-san to nara Dekiru mon! no Corner)

Questions are sent by listeners, and Takahashi Ai replies as to what she would do if placed in that situation.

  • リスナーをいやせません (Listener wo Iyasemasen)

One-liners (usually, questionable ones) are sent by the listeners. The girls must say them in a sexy way, and Sanma'll judge how they did. He is rarely, if ever, happy with how they said it, which leads to weird suggestions for the girls to learn how to be sexier.

  • ヤンタウンの心へのコーナー (Yantan no Kokoroe no Corner)

Recently having taken the place of "Ai no Shouji-san no nara...", this corner is meant to give Michishige Sayumi advice on how to deal with Sanma. Most of the advice is given jokingly, though.

Old Corners
  • カラオケBOX「さんちゃま」 (Karaoke BOX Sanchama)
  • スイーツクッキング (Sweets Cooking)
  • ヤン土ボケ講座 featuring ショージ (Yanboke Kouza featuring Shouji)
  • 村上ファン度のコーナー (Murakami Fando no Corner)
  • 愛のバキューン! (Ai no Bakyun!)
  • ヤン土作詞選手権 (Yando Sakushi Senshuken)
  • お裁きのコーナー (Osabaki no Corner)
  • 最後の侍 一刀両断のコーナー (Saigo no Samurai Ittou Ryoudan no Corner)
  • さんまさんを癒したい (Sanma-san wo Iyashitai)
  • 目指せDJ!のコーナー (Mezase DJ! no Corner)