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Yume no Tsubomi (Remioromen)

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First Press Cover
Regular Press Cover
Yume no Tsubomi (夢の蕾)
Catalog Number
  1. Yume no Tsubomi (夢の蕾; Flower Bud of Dreams)
  2. Kaze no Koujou (風の工場; Wind Factory)
  3. Hochou (Previous Remix) (歩調; Pace)


"Yume no Tsubomi" is the fourteenth single released by Remioromen and first under OORONG RECORDS. It had a first press bonus that consisted of digipak casing and a different cover. The title track was used as the theme song for the movie Kansen Rettou. The single reached #3 on the Oricon weekly chart and charted for seven weeks, selling 24,792 copies. It was not included on a studio album.

Song Information

Fujimaki Ryota
Fujimaki Ryota
Other Information
Arrangement: Remioromen, Kobayashi Takeshi
Strings Arrangement: Kobayashi Takeshi, Shika Udai
Production: Kobayashi Takeshi, Remioromen
Recording: Yoshida Makoto (OORONG-SHA)
Mixing: Yoshida Makoto (OORONG-SHA)
Mastering: Miyamoto Shigeo (form THE MASTER)

Music Video

The PV for "Yume no Tsubomi" was directed by Harigai Kenjiro and features a performance from actress Mizusawa Nako. A movie version was also released that features scenes from Kansen Rettou. The video won "Best Video from a Film" at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN 2009.


There are three versions of "Yume no Tsubomi" in Remioromen's discography:

Yume no Tsubomi
Found on the single "Yume no Tsubomi" as track #1 and the best album Remio Best as track #15. This is the standard version.
Yume no Tsubomi
Found on the live album "Your Songs" with strings at Yokohama Arena as track #5 on the first disc. This is a live version with strings.
Yume no Tsubomi
Found on the DVD REMIOROMEN SPECIAL LIVE at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA as track #21 on the first disc. This is a live version.

Oricon Chart Positions

Remioromen promoting the single
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 3 3 3 3 4 6 3 13,231
8 18 18 17 16 14 13 15 4,943
11 38 31 30 26 23 26 32 2,865
26 - - - - - - 60 1,758
- - - - - - - 111 891
- - - - - - - 131 625
- - - - - - - 151 479

Total Reported Sales: 24,792

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