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Tour 2008 "Wonderful & Beautiful"

DVD Cover
TOUR 2008 "Wonderful & Beautiful"
2010.03.03 (Reissue)
Catalog Number
AVBO-36037 (Reissue)
  1. Wonderland
  2. Ameagari (雨上がり; After the Rain)
  3. Moratorium (モラトリアム)
  4. RUN
  5. Ao no Sekai (蒼の世界; Blue World)
  6. Shinkokyuu (深呼吸; Deep Breath)
  7. Hotaru (蛍; Firefly)
  8. Denwa (電話; Telephone)
  9. Beer to Purin (ビールとプリン; Beer and Pudding)
  10. Showa (昭和; Showa Era)
  11. 3gatsu 9ka (3月9日; March 9th)
  12. Ryuusei (流星; Meteor)
  13. Konayuki (粉雪; Powder Snow)
  14. Mamedenkyuu (まめ電球; Miniature Light Bulb)
  15. Minamikaze (南風; South Wind)
  16. Asu ni Kakaru Hashi (明日に架かる橋; Bridge Over Tomorrow)
  17. Stand by Me (スタンドバイミー)
  18. Oikakekko (追いかけっこ; Chasing)
  19. Wonderful & Beautiful
  20. Akanezora (茜空; Madder-Colored Sky)
  21. Kamifubuki (紙ふぶき; Confetti)
  22. Rhythm (リズム)


TOUR 2008 "Wonderful & Beautiful" is the third live DVD released by Remioromen. The concert took place at Tokyo International Forum on January 17, 2008. The DVD was originally released in 2008 while the band was under SPEEDSTAR RECORDS, then it was reissued in 2010 after they transferred to OORONG RECORDS. First pressings of the original release came housed in a box with a replica tour staff pass (laminated with a strap) and ten original postcards, while both the first and regular pressings came with a special photo book. The original release reached #4 on the Oricon overall DVD charts and charted for four weeks. The reissue did not manage to chart.

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