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Absolute Wish

absolute wish
Yaginuma Satoshi
Yaginuma Satoshi
Other Information
Arrangement: Yaginuma Satoshi


"absolute wish" is a song recorded by fripSide. The song was used as the opening theme for the game Hana Hime * Absolute!.


There are currently two versions of "absolute wish" to be found in fripSide's discography.

absolute wish
Found on the fripSide PC game compilation vol.2 album as track #8 (Disc 1). It was later placed on HANAHIME*ABSOLUTE! VOCAL TRACK as track #1, later on HANAHIME*ABSOLUTE! ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK as track #1 (Disc 1) and finally it was later placed on fripSide's second compilation album fripSide PC game compilation vol.2 as track #9 (Disc 1). This is the main version.
absolute wish (Off Vocal)
Found on the HANAHIME*ABSOLUTE! VOCAL TRACK album as track #4. This is the instrumental version.