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The Very Best of fripSide -Moving Ballads-

Limited 2CD+Blu-ray Edition Cover
Limited 2CD+DVD Edition Cover
Regular 2CD Edition Cover
the very best of fripSide -moving ballads-
Catalog Number
GNCA-1583 (2CD+BD)
GNCA-1584 (2CD+DVD)
GNCA-1585 (2CD)
Price (w/o tax)
¥5,500 (2CD+BD)
¥5,200 (2CD+DVD)
¥4,000 (2CD)
CD Tracklist
  • Disc 1
  1. late in autumn
  2. colorless fate -version 2018-​
  3. memory of snow
  4. Fuyu no Kakera (冬のかけら; Fragments of Winter)
  5. promenade
  6. rain of blossoms
  7. Secret of my heart
  8. The end of summer
  9. Answer
  10. beyond the horizon​
  11. message (version2)
  12. prismatic fate
  13. one dream​
  14. only me and the moon
  • Disc 2
  1. everlasting
  2. an evening calm -crossroads version-
  3. frosty breeze
  4. whitebird -version 2020-
  5. My Own Way
  6. snow blind -crossroads version-
  7. Kanashii Seiza (悲しい星座; Constellation of Sadness)
  8. I'm believing you
  9. split tears -crossroads version-
  10. white relation (IS4 version)​
  11. three count
  12. a silent voice
  13. brave new world -crossroads version- (fripSide Only)
Video Tracklist
  1. "fripSide Phase2:10th Anniversary Tour 2019-2020 -infinite synthesis 5-" 2020.2.23 Sendai Sunplaza Hall <Second Half> (「fripSide Phase2:10th Anniversary Tour 2019-2020 -infinite synthesis 5-」2020.2.23 仙台サンプラザホール<後半>)
    1. Tracklist TBA
  2. "LisAni! LIVE 2020" 2020.2.8 Makuhari Messe Event Hall (「リスアニ!LIVE 2020」2020.2.8 幕張メッセ イベントホール)
    2. Love with You
    3. only my railgun


the very best of fripSide -moving ballads- is the second best album released by the phase 2 of fripSide (3rd overall). It was released in three versions: a limited 2CD+Blu-ray edition, a limited 2CD+DVD edition, and a regular 2CD edition. It was released simultaneously alongside their first best album the very best of fripSide 2009-2020 and their 18th single "legendary future".

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