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Double Decades + Infinite Resonance

Album Cover
double Decades+infinite Resonance
NBC Universal Entertainment Japan
Catalog Number
Price (w/o tax & w/tax)
¥7,000 / ¥7,700
CD Tracklist
  1. double Decades (Vocal: nao (Phase 1), Nanjo Yoshino (Phase 2), Uesugi Mao (Phase 3) and Abe Hisayo (Phase 3))
  2. magicaride -version 2022-
  3. BLACKFOX -versión 2022-
  4. trusty snow -version 2022-
  5. fermata~Akkord:fortissimo~-version 2022-
  6. transitory orbit -version 2022- (Vocal: Uesugi Mao)
  7. LEVEL5-judgelight- -version 2022-
  8. come to mind -version 2022-
  9. crescendo -version 2022-
  10. sister's noise -version 2022-
  11. before dawn daybreak -version 2022- (Vocal: Abe Hisayo)
  1. infinite Resonance
  2. dawn of infinity
  3. Flames (Vocal: Abe Hisayo)
  4. Insoluble Snow
  5. trust in you -version 2022-
  6. with a smile (Vocal: Abe Hisayo)
  7. Your Way
  8. Distance (Vocal: Uesugi Mao)
  9. Reach for the light (Vocal: Uesugi Mao)
  10. Forget-me-not
  11. an Effect of Fate
  12. New World
  13. Shape of Delight
Blu-ray Tracklist
  1. infinite Resonance MV
  2. infinite Resonance MV Making
  3. SPOT

fripSide promoting the album

double Decades is the first compilation album released by the phase 3 of fripSide, composed of double Decades and infinite Resonance, the 20th anniversary album and first studio album of the phase 3, which were also released simultaneously as stand alone albums on the same day of release. It was originally scheduled to release on October 5, 2022, but for unknown reasons it was postponed to October 19, 2022.

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