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Double Decades (fripSide album)

Album Cover
double Decades
NBC Universal Entertainment Japan
Catalog Number
Price (w/o tax & w/tax)
¥3,000 / ¥3,300
CD Tracklist
  1. double Decades (Vocal: nao (Phase 1), Nanjo Yoshino (Phase 2), Uesugi Mao (Phase 3) and Abe Hisayo (Phase 3))
  2. magicaride -version 2022-
  3. BLACKFOX -versión 2022-
  4. trusty snow -version 2022-
  5. fermata~Akkord:fortissimo~-version 2022-
  6. transitory orbit -version 2022- (Vocal: Uesugi Mao)
  7. LEVEL5-judgelight- -version 2022-
  8. come to mind -version 2022-
  9. crescendo -version 2022-
  10. sister's noise -version 2022-
  11. before dawn daybreak -version 2022- (Vocal: Abe Hisayo)

fripSide promoting the album

double Decades is a special album released by the phase 3 of fripSide (15th overall) to commemorate the group's 20th anniversary since it was created. It was released in a regular CD only edition only and it was released simultaneously alongside the first studio album of the phase 3 infinite Resonance and their complilation album double Decades+infinite Resonance. It was originally scheduled to release on October 5, 2022, but for unknown reasons it was postponed to October 19, 2022.

The song "BLACKFOX -versión 2022-" was released digitally ahead of the album on September 05, 2022.

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