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Flower of Bravery

CD+DVD Cover
CD Cover
flower of bravery
Catalog Number
PCCR-90028 (CD+DVD)
PCCR-90029 (CD)
¥1,890 (CD+DVD)
¥1,260 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  1. flower of bravery
  2. sky -version 2008-
  3. flower of bravery (Off Vocal)
  4. sky -version 2008- (Instrumental)
DVD Tracklist
  1. flower of bravery PV


"flower of bravery" is the first single released by the phase 1 of fripSide (4th overall). The single was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD only edition. The title track was used as the opening theme for the anime Koihime†Musou. The single peaked at #26 on the Oricon charts and charted for 11 weeks, selling 11,458 copies.

Song Information

Shikura Chiyomaru
Shikura Chiyomaru
Other Information
Arrangement: Yaginuma Satoshi
Guitar: Toguchida Takahiro (fripSide sound staff)
Chorus: sat, Yanagi Mami
Recording Studio: ODEN STUDIO
Recording Engineer: Nakajima Jiro
Mix Engineer: Yaginuma Satoshi, Nakajima Jiro
Mastering Studio: Memory-Tech
Mastering Engineer: Sassa Naomi (Memory-Tech)


There are currently three versions of "flower of bravery" to be found in fripSide's discography.

flower of bravery
Found on the "flower of bravery" single as track #1. This is the main version.
flower of bravery (Off Vocal)
Found on the "flower of bravery" single as track #3. This is the instrumental version.
flower of bravery (TV Size)
Found on the TV Animation Koihime†Musou no Uta wo Zenbu Iretemita no da!! album as track #1. This is the TV size version.

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