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The Very Best of fripSide 2002-2006

Doujinshi Edition Cover
Commercial Edition Cover
the very best of fripSide 2002-2006
2006.07.15 (Doujinshi Edition)
2006.12.29 (Commercial Edition)
Catalog Number
SCFS-0601~0602 (Doujinshi Edition)
SCFS-0701~0702 (Commercial Edition)
¥3,240 (Commercial Edition)
CD Tracklist
  • Disc 1 - nao Side
  1. come to mind (Doujinshi Edition)
    Red -reduction division- (Commercial Edition)
  2. sky
  3. an evening calm
  4. save me again
  5. nostalgia
  6. transitory orbit
  7. colorless fate
  8. crescendo
  9. velocity -fripSide+vin-PRAD-
  10. bright days -version2005-
  11. splash emotion
  12. end game (Doujinshi Edition)
    come to mind (Commercial Edition)
  13. crying moon
  14. distant moon
  • Disc 2 - sat Side
  1. the chaotic world
  2. vanity destroyer
  3. message
  4. reminiscense blue
  5. melody -reset+fripSide-
  6. Love to Sing (Doujinshi Edition)
    true eternity (Commercial Edition)
  7. stellar
  8. transient wind
  9. absolute one
  10. colors of summer dream (Doujinshi Edition)
    Love to Sing (Commercial Edition)
  11. planet illusion
  12. be sure... -album mix- (Doujinshi Edition)
    belief (Commercial Edition)
  13. belief (Doujinshi Edition)
    Your Ocean -azure reproduct mix- (Commercial Edition)
  14. Your Ocean -azure reproduct mix- (Doujinshi Edition)
    Red -reduction division- (tkm vs sat RMX) (Commercial Edition)


the very best of fripSide 2002-2006 is the first best album released by the phase 1 of fripSide. It was released in two versions with some small changes in the tracklist. The first edition (doujinshi) was launched in July, while the second edition (commercial) was launched in December. The album comes with four new songs: "crescendo", "the chaotic world", "melody -reset+fripSide-" and "absolute one".

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