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MONKEY MAJIK Best -Arigato-

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3CD+DVD Cover
3CD+Blu-ray Cover
3CD Only Cover
Best Album
Catalog Number
AVCH-78079~81/B (3CD+DVD)
AVCH-78082~84/B (3CD+Blu-ray)
AVCH-78085~7 (3CD Only)
¥5,940 (3CD+DVD)
¥7,020 (3CD+Blu-ray)
¥3,780 (3CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  • Disc 1
  1. Get started
  2. Galileo (ガリレオ)
  3. One moment
  4. Kanpai (カンパイ; Cheers)
  5. another day
  6. thank you
  7. fly -English version-
  8. Around The World -English version-
  9. Sora wa Marude -English version- (空はまるで; The Sky is So...)
  10. Kōchō (光朝; Morning Light)
  11. Picture Perfect / Monkey Majik + m-flo
  12. Sotsugyō, Soshite Mirai e. / Monkey Majik + SEAMO (卒業、そして未来へ。; Graduation, then onto Your Future)
  13. Change / Monkey Majik + Yoshida Brothers(吉田兄弟)
  14. Tada, Arigatō (ただ、ありがとう; Just, Thank You)
  15. Together -English version-
  16. goin' places
  17. Akari (あかり; Light)
  18. Aishiteru -English version- (アイシテル; I Love You)
  • Disc 2
  1. Niji-iro no Sakana -English version- (虹色の魚; Rainbow-colored Fish)
  3. Mahō no Kotoba (魔法の言葉; The Magic Words)
  4. Yume no Sekai (夢の世界; Dream World)
  5. Angel
  6. Headlight
  7. U.F.O
  8. Ashiato (足跡; Footprints)
  9. HERO
  10. Ki wo Ueta Otoko (木を植えた男; The Man Who Planted Trees)
  11. Alive
  12. Free to Fly
  13. If
  14. A Christmas Song / Monkey Majik + Oda Kazumasa(小田和正)
  15. Beautiful
  16. You Are Not Alone
  17. Natsu no Jōji / Monkey Majik + Yoshida Brothers(吉田兄弟) (夏の情事; Summer Affair)
  • Disc 3
  1. Endless Summer / BENNIE K with Blaise Plant (MONKEY MAJIK)
  2. Picture Perfect Love / m-flo loves MONKEY MAJIK
  4. Gandara (ガンダーラ)
  5. Sonomama (そのまま; Just This Way)
  6. GINGER / Tsuchiya Anna(土屋アンナ) feat. MONKEY MAJIK
  8. 1 more night / ravex feat. MONKEY MAJIK
  9. Lupin The Third
  10. Trees
  11. Without You / FPM feat. MONKEY MAJIK
  12. Soreirai / GAGLE feat. MONKEY MAJIK (ソレイライ)
  13. my home town
  14. Journey
  15. One Side
DVD/Blu-ray tracklist
  • FAN CLUB LIVE 2015 -VIP NIGHT with MONKEY MAJIK vol.2- at SHIBUYA WWW (2015.5.10)
  1. Beautiful
  2. Frozen -Album version-
  3. Crazy
  5. Puzzle
  6. Calling Heaven
  7. rise
  8. Miracle
  9. You Are Not Alone
  10. Natsu no Jōji (夏の情事; Summer Affair)
  11. Walk with me
  12. turn
  13. delayed
  14. All by myself
  15. U.F.O
  16. Bicycle
  17. Niji-iro no Sakana (虹色の魚; Rainbow-colored Fish)
  18. Free to Fly
  19. Tane (種; Seed)
  20. Written In The Stars
  21. goin' places
  22. Pretty People


MONKEY MAJIK BEST -A.RI.GA.TO.- is the fifth best album released by MONKEY MAJIK. It was released in three editions; 3CD+DVD, 3CD+Blu-ray and 3CD Only. The album consisted of selection of their best songs since their indies era until the recent release, songs where they participated as a guest, their cover songs, plus two new songs; in which completely covered their history and showed the panoramic view of the band's past, present and future. "Sonomama" was their first self-cover song which they wrote originally for SMAP. The lyrics of "Journey", one of the two new songs, were inspired by the former US President, John F. Kennedy, speech on "Apollo Program". And the last new song from the album, "One Side", was used as the ABC-Mart Hawkins Walking Shoes commercial song. The album was released to celebrate their 15th anniversary formation as a band; also to thanked their fans and peoples they had met who have been very supportive throughout their 15 years career, hence the album title.

The album reached #19 on the Oricon weekly charts.

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