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CD+DVD Cover
CD Only Cover
Catalog Number
RZCD-45557 (CD+DVD)
RZCD-45558 (CD Only)
¥3,800 (CD+DVD)
¥3,059 (CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. Issue No. 5
  2. Love Don't Cry (m-flo loves Crystal Kay)
  3. Luvotomy (m-flo loves Amuro Namie)
  4. STUCK IN YOUR LOVE (m-flo loves melody.)
  5. Current Affairs
  6. Summer Time Love (m-flo loves Hinouchi Emi & Ryohei)
  7. Simple & Lovely (m-flo loves Koda Kumi)
  8. Picture Perfect Love (m-flo loves MONKEY MAJIK)
  9. Music Monopoly
  10. she loves the CREAM (m-flo loves DOPING PANDA)
  11. Love Me After 12AM (m-flo loves Alex (CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT))
  12. Love Song (m-flo loves BONNIE PINK)
  13. Love Long and Prosper (m-flo loves STAR TREK)
  14. LOVE ME, HATE THE GAME (m-flo loves Chan, Thaitanium,Edison Chen, Ryohei)
  15. Lotta Love (m-flo loves MINMI)
  16. People of Cosmicolor
  17. Love to Live By (m-flo loves Chara)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Summer Time Love (m-flo loves Hinouchi Emi & Ryohei) (PV)
  2. Lotta Love -m&M mix- (m-flo loves MINMI) (PV)
  3. Love Song (m-flo loves BONNIE PINK) (PV)
  4. she loves the CREAM -Amazing Nuts! Ver.- (m-flo loves DOPING PANDA) (PV)
  5. m-flo Visual Mega Mix -HEKE HEKE DON DON REMIX-
  6. History of m-flo
  7. been so long -Rhythm Nation 2006 (VERBAL & LISA) (First Press)
  8. come again -Rhythm Nation 2006 (VERBAL & LISA) (First Press)


COSMICOLOR is the fifth studio album released by m-flo, and their third and final loves collaboration album. This album comes in two versions, a CD+DVD version as well as a CD only version. The DVD includes m-flo's four most recent music videos, a "Visual Mega Mix" by DJ UPPERCUT featuring the four music videos as well as footage from the m-flo TOUR2005 BEAT SPACE NINE at Nippon Budokan DVD and a special "History of m-flo" segment featuring a mega mix of 26 music videos (from "The Way We Were" feat. Ceybil Jefferies taken from The Intergalactic Collection in 2003 until ONE DAY -KREVA REMIX- which was used to promote m-flo's DOPE SPACE NINE remix album in late 2005). Also included in the first press version of the album is a recording of VERBAL and LISA performing "been so long" and "come again" together live at Rhythm Nation 2006 (at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium on 2006.12.17) on the DVD, as well as a special cover jacket and a lottery ticket to be able to reserve a seat for m-flo's "m-flo TOUR 2007 'COSMICOLOR' ~m-flo loves Ameba~" for the 2007.04.15 concert.

This album is reported to be the last of the m-flo 'loves' albums. Due to this, Crystal Kay was symbolically picked to sing a track on the album (as she was the singer of the group's first 'loves' single, "REEEWIND!").

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 2 2 4 2 3 3 3 76,680
3 6 5 4 4 4 5 4 33,306
5 8 7 7 7 7 7 7 17,935
7 15 17 13 13 15 12 13 10,558
- - - - - - - 22 8,274
- - - - - - - 29 7,267
- - - - - - - 41 3,724
- - - - - - - 43 3,018

Total Reported Sales: 172,217

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