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Gran Sonik

CD Cover
Gran Sonik
CD Tracklist
  1. Totsugeki! Gran Sonik (Charge! Gran Sonik)
  2. How You Like Me Now [Todd Edward Remix]
  3. Marinkobicchi No Yabou (Marinkobicchi's Ambition)
  4. Prism [Sunship Vocal]
  5. Magenta Rain [London Elektricity Remix]
  6. Rori Tanjou (Lori Is Born)
  7. One Sugar Dream [Readymade Pot-Pourri of the Beats]
  8. Expo Expo [Motiva: T.M.D.C Remix]
  9. Rori Bousou (Lori Goes out of Control)
  10. Dispatch [Space Buddha Pimp +1 More Remix]
  11. Expo Expo [Deckstream Remix]
  12. Yours Only [De Nada Remix]
  13. Gattai! Expo Bouei Robo (Combine! Expo Defense Robo)
  14. Expo Expo [Dj Geetek Drum'Nexpo'Bass Remix]
  15. What It Is [Supreme One Remix]
  16. Robot No Kakeochi (Robots' Elopement)
  17. Come Again [Tokyo Cafe Remix]
  18. Orbit-3 [East West Remix]
  19. Lies [Giant Swing Mix]
  20. 2013
  21. NogawdnaB


Gran Sonik (Expo Bouei Robot Gran Sonik) is the second remix album released by m-flo, containing remixes of songs from their second studio album, Expo Expo.