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Planet Shining

Album Cover
Planet Shining
Catalog Number
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Intro
  2. Ten Below Blazing
  3. Announcement: Interlude 2
  4. Planet Shining
  5. Come Back to Me
  6. Guidance: Interlude 3
  7. chronopsychology
  8. Hands
  9. Radio Show: Interlude 4
  10. saywhatchugotta
  11. Just Be
  12. Line Holding: Interlude 5
  13. Quantum Leap
  14. L.O.T. (Love Or Truth)
  15. Deep Within
  16. been so long
  17. Outro
CD2 Tracklist (Bonus CD)
  1. too much sense (DJ Alamo Remix)
  2. mindstate feat. sphere
  3. theme from flo jack (Mr. Drunk Remix) by Mummy D
  4. Mirrorball Satellite 2012 (SRATM Remix) by Towa Tei
  5. L.O.T. (Love Or Truth) (DJ TONK Remix)


Planet Shining is the debut album released by m-flo. The first press edition of the album came with a bonus disc, which features five different remixes. The album reached #6 on the weekly Oricon charts and stayed on the chart for a total of thirty-three weeks, selling 332,950 copies. It also reached #66 on the yearly Oricon chart for 2000.

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