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Beat Space Nine

Album Cover
Catalog Number
  1. BEAT
  2. Taste Your Stuff (m-flo loves BENNIE K)
  3. Loop In My Heart (m-flo loves EMYLI & YOSHIKA)
  4. SO EXCLUSIVE (m-flo loves Sowelu)
  5. I'M DA 1 (m-flo loves WHEE SUNG)
  6. One Day (m-flo loves Kato Miliyah)
  7. A.D.D.P. (m-flo loves Monday Michiru)
  8. tO yOUR bEAT (m-flo loves YOSHIKA)
  9. SPACE
  10. DOPEMAN? (m-flo loves EMYLI & Diggy-MO')
  11. COZMO-NAUGHTY (m-flo loves Kahimi Karie)
  12. The Other Side of Love (m-flo loves Sister E)
  13. Float'n Flow (m-flo loves Rie fu)
  14. HEY! (m-flo loves Wada Akiko)
  15. let go (m-flo loves YOSHIKA)
  16. TRIPOD BABY (m-flo loves LISA)
  17. NINE


BEAT SPACE NINE is the fourth studio album released by m-flo, and it's their second loves collaboration album. Unlike the group's previous albums, this one has a stronger electronic influence. The last song on the album, "NINE", is the same as the intro to m-flo's first album, Planet Shining. The song "TRIPOD BABY" features vocals from the group's fromer member, LISA. Remixes of the songs from this album were later released on the DOPE SPACE NINE remix album.

The album reached #1 on the Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for a total of 26 weeks. As the album sold a total of 334,062 copies, it became the #42 album of 2005 (their previous album was #42 of 2004).

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