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m-flo loves Kahimi Karie
m-flo, Kahimi Karie
m-flo, Kahimi Karie
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Arrangment: Takahashi Taku


"COZMO-NAUGHTY" is a Soul song recorded by m-flo and Kahimi Karie. The song was released on m-flo's fourth studio album (and second loves record) BEAT SPACE NINE. It later received several remixes on the variety of compilation albums released by m-flo over the years. In 2007, Kahimi placed the song on her collaborations and varieties collection SPECIALOTHERS. Kahimi never has performed the song live, but it was a part of m-flo's BEAT SPACE NINE tour. The part was instead performed by Emyli, who toured with m-flo throughout the loves concert tours.


There two versions of "COZMO-NAUGHT" to be found throughout both m-flo and Kahimi Karie's discography. They are listed below in chronological order of release date.

Found m-flo's fourth studio album and second in the loves series BEAT SPACE NINE. It was also used on the mix CD found in electriCOLOR -COMPLETE REMIX-. The song was later used by Kahimi and placed on her fifth compilation record SPECIALOTHERS.
COZMO-NAUGHTY (SUGIURUMN house mission mix)
Found on m-flo's fourth remix album DOPE SPACE NINE as track #11. It is remixed by SUGIURUMN.


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