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Kyo (m-flo)

2CD+DVD Cover
CD+DVD Cover
2CD Cover
Catalog Number
RZCD-86962~3/B (2CD+DVD)
RZCD-86964/B (CD+DVD)
RZCD-86965~6 (2CD)
¥5,500 (2CD+DVD)
¥4,400 (CD+DVD)
¥3,850 (2CD)
CD Tracklist
Disc 1
  1. No.9
  2. E.T.
  3. HUMAN LOST feat. J. Balvin
  4. Enter the Mortal Portal
  5. juXtapoz
  6. Toxic Sweet (Album Version) feat. JP THE WAVY
  7. EKTO
  8. PULSE
  9. Sheeza feat. MIYACHI
  10. against all gods
  13. KYO-TO-KYO
  14. No Question
Disc 2 - 20th Anniversary Best Mix by in the blue shirt
  1. How You Like Me Now? (Sweet William Remix) / m-flo
  2. REEEWIND / m-flo loves Crystal Kay
  3. EKTO (SASUKE Remix) / m-flo
  4. been so long (tofubeats remix) / m-flo
  5. Come Back To Me / m-flo
  6. Piece of me / m-flo
  7. the Love Bug (YUC'e Remix) / m-flo loves BoA
  8. let go (Kan Sano Momentum Remix) / m-flo loves YOSHIKA
  9. Astrosexy / m-flo loves CHEMISTRY
  10. MARS DRIVE / m-flo
  11. I WANNA BE DOWN (WONK Remix) / m-flo loves Sakamoto Ryuichi
  12. Love to Live By (starRo Remix) / m-flo loves Chara
  13. Lotta Love / m-flo loves MINMI
  14. Luvotomy (TeddyLoid Remix) / m-flo loves Amuro Namie
  15. No Question (TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE Remix by Mitsunori Ikeda) / m-flo
  16. come again (PKCZ Remix) / m-flo
  17. epic / m-flo
  18. IRONY / m-flo feat. DAOKO
  19. All I Want Is You (DJ Shimamura Remix) / m-flo
  20. miss you (banvox Remix) / m-flo loves melody. & Ryohei
  21. Picture Perfect / m-flo loves Monkey Majik
DVD Tracklist
  1. No Question -Music Video-
  2. never -Music Video-
  3. EKTO -Music Video-
  4. STRSTRK -Music Video-
  5. Toxic Sweet feat. JP THE WAVY -Music Video-
  6. HUMAN LOST feat. J. Balvin -Music Video-


KYO is the ninth studio album released by m-flo. It was released in three versions: a 2CD+DVD edition, a CD+DVD edition, and a 2CD edition.

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