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Nami Tamaki 2nd Concert Make Progress ~Road to~

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DVD Cover
Tamaki Nami
NAMI TAMAMI 2nd CONCERT Make Progress ~road to~
Catalog Number
  1. Opening Make Progress -Inst.-
  2. -Fly Away-
  3. Koisuru Chikara (コイスルチカラ; Strength in Love)
  4. Future Step
  5. Daybreak
  6. Everlasting
  7. Heroine
  8. Kurayami Monogatari (暗闇物語; Dark Story)
  9. Truth
  10. Single Medley:
    1. Daitan ni Ikimashou ↑Heart&Soul↑ (大胆にいきましょう ↑Heart&Soul↑; Let's Go Boldly)
    2. Prayer
    3. Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆ (Shining Star ☆忘れないから☆; Because I Won't Forget)
    4. Believe
    5. Daitan ni Ikimashou ↑Heart&Soul↑ (大胆にいきましょう ↑Heart&Soul↑)
  11. Fortune
  12. You
  13. Reason Reproduction ~flash-forward mix~
  14. DreamerS


"NAMI TAMAMI 2nd CONCERT Make Progress ~road to~" is the first live DVD and fifth overall DVD released by Tamaki Nami. This concert was filmed at Zepp Tokyo on July 29th, 2005. The DVD reached #16 on the Oricon chart, where it charted for six weeks.

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