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Greeting DVD

DVD Cover
Tamaki Nami
greeting DVD
Catalog Number
  1. Believe (PV)
  2. Believe (TV-SPOT)
  3. Realize (PV)
  4. Realize (TV-SPOT)
  5. Believe & Realize Making ofs
  6. Prayer (PV)
  7. Prayer (TV-SPOT)
  8. Prayer (Making of)
  9. Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆ (PV) (Shining Star ☆忘れないから☆; Because I Won't Forget)
  10. Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆ (TV-SPOT) (Shining Star ☆忘れないから☆)
  11. Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆ (Making of) (Shining Star ☆忘れないから☆)
  12. greeting (TV-SPOT)


"greeting DVD" is the first compilation DVD and third overall DVD released by Tamaki Nami. It is a companion release to her first album "greeting". This includes the PVs, TV-SPOTs, and making of videos for all of the four singles released for the "greeting" album. The DVD also includes the TV-SPOT used to promote the album. The limited first pressing grants one randomly chosen Tamaki Nami original trading card (out of two types). The DVD reached #6 on the Oricon chart, where it charted for 14 weeks.

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