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Heroine (Tamaki Nami)

Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Tamaki Nami
Catalog Number
SRCL-5901 (Limited Edition)
SRCL-5902 (Regular Edition)
¥1,300 (Limited Edition)
¥1,223 (Regular Edition)
  1. Heroine
  2. Koisuru Chikara (コイスルチカラ; Strength in Love)
  3. better half
  4. Heroine -Instrumental-
  5. Fortune Reproduction ~Radiata Mix~ (Limited Edition Track)


"Heroine" is the eighth single released by Tamaki Nami. This was released in two different CD only editions. The limited edition comes with a remix of her previously released single "Fortune", and a double jacket. The title song was used as an NTV "@Sapuri!" insert song.

Song Information

Shusui, Nishida Emi, Axel Bellinder, Stefan Engblom
Shusui, Axel Bellinder, Stefan Engblom
Other Information
Arrangement: Shusui, Axel Bellinder

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
x x x x x x x 6 22,630
x x x x x x x 23 5,592
x x x x x x x 50 2,554
x x x x x x x 122 1,191
x x x x x x x 127 885
x x x x x x x 188 453

Total Reported Sales: 33,305

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