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Himekuri Calendar

Festa Cover
Himekuri Calendar (日めくりカレンダー; Daily Rip-Off-a-Page Calendar)
Fujimaki Ryota
Fujimaki Ryota
Other Information
Arrangement: Remioromen
Production: Remioromen, Kobayashi Takeshi
Recording: Doug Conroy, Imai Kunihiko (OORONG-SHA)
Mixing: Imai Kunihiko (OORONG-SHA)
Computer Manipulation: Yoshida Makoto (OORONG-SHA)
Mastering: Miyamoto Shigeo (FLAIR)

"Himekuri Calendar" is a rock song recorded by Remioromen.


There are three versions of "Himekuri Calendar" in Remioromen's discography:

Himekuri Calendar
Found on the indie mini-album Festa as track #5 and the album Asagao as track #3.
Himekuri Calendar
Found on the DVD 3gatsu 9ka Budokan Live as track #21.
Himekuri Calendar
Found on the DVD Remioromen SUMMER LIVE "STAND BY ME" from Remio Best as track #17.