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Koi Shimasho Nebarimasho

"Aka" Cover
Okui Masami
Koi Shimasho Nebarimasho (恋しましょ ねばりましょ)
Okui Masami
Yabuki Toshiro
Other Information
Arrangement: Yabuki Toshiro

"Koi Shimasho Nebarimasho" is a pop song by Okui Masami. It was used as the theme song for the Akihabara Dennou Gumi radio dorama.


There are currently two versions of "Koi Shimasho Nebarimasho" to be found in Okui Masami's discography.

Koi Shimasho Nebarimasho
Found on Okui Masami's 16th single, "Aka", as track #2.
Koi Shimasho Nebarimasho (off vocal version)
Found on Okui Masami's 16th single, "Aka", as track #4.