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Memoria (Aoi Eir)

CD+DVD Cover
CD Cover
Anime CD+DVD Cover
Aoi Eir
Catalog Number
SECL-1007~8 (CD+DVD)
SECL-1009 (CD)
SECL-1010~11 (Anime CD+DVD)
¥1,500 (CD+DVDs)
¥1,223 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  2. Back To Zero
  3. white world
  4. MEMORIA (Instrumental)
    MEMORIA (TV-Anime Size) (Anime Edition)
DVD Tracklist
  • Limited Edition
    1. MEMORIA TV-spot 15 seconds before release
    2. MEMORIA TV-spot 15 seconds after release
    3. MEMORIA TV-spot 30 seconds before release
    4. MEMORIA TV-spot 15 seconds after release
  • Limited Anime Edition
  1. TV anime Fate/Zero 2nd Promotion Video (TVアニメ"Fate/Zero"第2弾プロモーション映像)


"MEMORIA" is the third single recorded by Aoi Eir, and her major label debut with SME Records. It was released in three editions: a limited CD+DVD, a limited CD+DVD Anime edition, and a regular CD. First press of the limited and the regular edition of the single comes with a Fate/Zero wide-cap sticker type-A and type-B. Prior to this she had released two Promo CDs via the anison magazine LisAni under the name Eir. This is the first release under her new stage name. The song was used as the ending theme for the anime series Fate/Zero.

Song Information

Aoi promoting the single
Eir, Yasuda Fumio
Yasuda Fumio
Other Information
Arrangement: Shimokawa Kayo


There are currently four versions of "MEMORIA" to be found in Aoi Eir's discography.

Found on the "MEMORIA" single as track #1. It was later placed on the BLAU album as track #14. This is the standard version, which is set to the music video.
MEMORIA (Instrumental)
Found on the "MEMORIA" single as track #4. This is the instrumental version.
MEMORIA (TV-Anime Size)
Found on the "MEMORIA" single as track #4 on the Limited Anime Edition of the single. This is the TV size version, which was used for the ending credits of Fate/Zero.
MEMORIA orchestra ver.
Found on the Fate/Zero tribute album Prayer as track #8. This is the orchestral version.

Oricon Chart Positions

The single reached #8 on the weekly Oricon chart, and continued to rank for a total of 19 weeks.\

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- x x x x x x 8 14,422
x x x x x x x 12 6,963
x x x x x x x 23 3,989
x x x x x x x 27 2,642
x x x x x x x 47 1,702
x x x x x x x 43 3,235
  • Total Reported Sales: 42,666

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