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Limited Editions (CD+Blu-ray/DVD) Cover
Regular Edition (CD Only) Cover
Aoi Eir
Shoegazer (シューゲイザー)
SME Records
Catalog Number
SECL-1791~2 (Limited Edition A (CD+Blu-ray)))
SECL-1793~4 (Limited Edition B (CD+DVD))
SECL-1795 (Regular Edition (CD Only))
¥2,500 (Limited Edition A (CD+Blu-ray))
¥2,200 (Limited Edition B (CD+DVD))
¥1,300 (Regular Edition (CD Only))
CD Tracklist
  1. Shoegazer (シューゲイザー)
  2. HaNaZaKaRi ([J]: Flowers in Full Bloom)
  3. Damasareta Hitsuji (騙された羊; Deceived Sheep)
  4. Shoegazer (Instrumental) (シューゲイザー(Instrumental))
Blu-ray/DVD Tracklist
  1. Tour Document & Live Footage "Eir Aoi LIVE TOUR 2015 -BEYOND THE LAPIS- Document Movie & Final Live @Toyosu PIT"
    1. Tokyo Performances @ Toyosu PIT① (Document Movie) (東京公演@豊洲PIT①(Document Movie))
    2. awakeningLament
    3. Miyagi Performances @ Sendai darwin (Document Movie) (宮城公演@仙台darwin(Document Movie))
    4. Tsunagaru Omoi (ツナガルオモイ)
    5. Tokushima Performances @ club GRINDHOUSE (Document Movie) (徳島公演@club GRINDHOUSE(Document Movie))
    6. Ishikawa Performances @ Kanazawa vanvanV4 (Document Movie) (石川公演@金沢vanvanV4(Document Movie))
    7. GENESIS
    8. Hiroshima Performances @ Namiki Junction (Document Movie) (広島公演@ナミキジャンクション(Document Movie))
    9. BREAK OUT! (Special Guest: Aikawa Nanase)
    10. Osaka Performances @ Namba Hatch (Document Movie) (大阪公演@なんばHatch(Document Movie))
    11. Aichi Performances @ THE BOTTOM LINE (Document Movie) (愛知公演@THE BOTTOM LINE(Document Movie))
    12. Cynthia no Hikari (シンシアの光)
    13. Sanbika (サンビカ)
    15. Fukuoka Performances @ DRUM LOGOS (Document Movie) (福岡公演@DRUM LOGOS(Document Movie))
    16. Hokkaido Performances @ PENNY LANE 24 (Document Movie) (北海道公演@PENNY LANE 24(Document Movie))
    17. Lapis Lazuli (ラピスラズリ)
    18. Tokyo Performances @ Toyosu PIT② (Document Movie) (東京公演@豊洲PIT②(Document Movie))
    19. IGNITE
    20. MC ~ Curtain (MC~終演)
    21. Tokyo Performances @ Toyosu PIT③ (Document Movie) (東京公演@豊洲PIT③(Document Movie))
    22. Bright Future」LIVE CLIP


"Shoegazer" is the eleventh single (13th overall) released by Aoi Eir. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+Blu-ray edition, a limited CD+DVD edition, and a regular CD only edition. The single peaked at #26 on the Oricon charts and charted for five weeks, selling 8,911 copies.

Song Information

MV capture
Other Information
Arrangement: DJ Mass, Mochiyama Shoko


There are currently two versions of "Shoegazer" to be found in Aoi Eir's discography.

Shoegazer (シューゲイザー)
Found on Aoi Eir's eleventh single, "Shoegazer", as track #1. This is the main version set to the Music Video.
Shoegazer (Instrumental) (シューゲイザー(Instrumental))
Found on Aoi Eir's eleventh single, "Shoegazer", as track #4. This is the instrumental version.

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