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Do As Infinity (album)

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CD+DVD Cover
CD+DVD Cover
CD+DVD Cover
Do As Infinity
Do As Infinity
Catalog Number
AVCD-96353/B (CD+DVD)
AVCD-96354/B (CD+Blu-ray)
AVCD-96355 (CD)
¥5,400 (CD+Blu-ray)
¥4,860 (CD+DVD)
¥3,240 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  1. Engine
  2. Forever Young ~Fushichou de Aru Tame ni~ (Forever Young ~不死鳥であるために~; To Be a Phoenix)
  3. Blueprint
  4. Let Me Be With You
  5. Parallel World
  6. Alright!
  7. Nora no Shippo (野良のしっぽ; Stray Tail)
  8. Rakuyou (落葉; Fallen Leaves)
  9. Original
  10. Believe In Your Emotion
  11. Tangerine Dream ~20th Anniversary 1999-2019~ (CD Bonus Track)
DVD/Blu-ray Tracklist
  1. Engine Music Video
  2. Do As Infinity Live Selection
    1. SUMMER DAYS (Do As Infinity -Premier-)
    2. Koi Otome (恋妃) (Do As Infinity LIVE TOUR 2001 ~DEEP FOREST~)
    3. under the moon (Do As Infinity 3rd ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL LIVE)
    4. Kagaku no Yoru (科学の夜) (Do As Infinity LIVE IN JAPAN)
    5. mellow amber (Do As Infinity LIVE YEAR 2004)
    6. Yotaka no Yume (夜鷹の夢) (Do As Infinity LIVE IN JAPAN II)
    7. For the future (Do As Infinity -Final-)
    8. new world (Do As Infinity FREE LIVE -FREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS!-)
    9. Bokutachi no 10th Anniversary (僕たちの10th Anniversary) (Do As Infinity "ETERNAL FLAME" ~10th Anniversary~ in Nippon Budokan)
    10. Ariadne no Ito (アリアドネの糸) (Do As Infinity 13th Anniversary ~Dive At It Limited Live 2012~)
    11. TIME MACHINE (Do As Infinity 14th Anniversary ~Dive At It Limited Live 2013~)
    12. CARNAVAL (Do As Infinity 15th Anniversary ~Dive At It Limited Live 2014~)
    13. Kusou Ryoudan (空想旅団 (Do As Infinity Acoustic Tour 2016 -2 of Us- Live Documentary Film)
    14. Keshin no Juu (化身の獣) (Do As Infinity LIVE TOUR 2018 -ALIVE-)


Do As Infinity is the 13th studio album released by Do As Infinity. It was released in three versions: a CD+DVD edition, a CD+Blu-ray edition, and a CD edition.

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