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GIZA studio

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Garage Indies Zapping Association started as an indie label in the early 90s but soon the Being GROUP "bought" it as their "sister" label company. GIZA studio is located in Osaka, Japan and has been producing successful artists such as Kuraki Mai, GARNET CROW, Aiuchi Rina, etc since their commercial service on September 1st 1998. With help with other Being Company "sister" labels (ZAIN RECORDS, B-Gram RECORDS, VERMILLION RECORDS, NORTHERN MUSIC) the studio's main task is to create music productivity by hiring talented artists, composers and engineers. The label's creative design (such as cd-jacket, photography, cinematography) is handled by Mod's House, while J-DISC is in charge of all the distribution and promotion of the sales.

Although most GIZA artists are hardly well-known (with the few exceptions being Kuraki Mai, Aiuchi Rina, GARNET CROW, Komatsu Miho, U-ka saegusa IN db and Kamiki Aya, in Japan), the studio has earned respect by fans nationwide and even in other parts of the globe because of their high-quality music. Some fans even consider GARNET CROW's music to be "anti-avex" - quality over quantity.

GIZA's artists have their songs made opening and ending themes frequently for the anime Meitantei Conan,Monster Rancher and Tantei Gakuen Q.

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