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Takahashi Go

Takahashi Go

Takahashi Go (たかはしごう) is a Japanese pop singer, composer, and arranger, who is signed to avex mode. He is best known for being one of Hayashibara Megumi's main collaboraters.


  • Real name: Takahashi Go (高橋剛)
  • Birthdate: July 13th 1970


Takahashi Go is the younger brother to anison singer Takahashi Yoko. He is married to Matsuno Arimi from the 1980s idol group, ribbon. Before becoming a producer, Takahashi was the vocalist for a band known as Banana Gyangusu (バナナギャングス). During the early years of his career he was also an exclusive model for MEN'S NON-NO magazine.

In 2001, Takahashi started composing material for Hayashibara Megumi. After Sato Hidetoshi left the entertainment business, Takahashi begain composing and arranging for Hayashibara, and since "Over Soul" he has become her main collaborater.

Aside from his musical works, Takahashi is also a dance and fitness instructor.



Backing Vocals

Composed Works

Hayashibara Megumi
Horie Yui
Hoshi Soichiro
Inuyama Inuko
Kondo Takayuki
Koshimizu Ami, Nabatame Hitomi, Horie Yui, Shimizu Kaori
Kusuda Toshiyuki
Morikubo Shoutazou
Nagasawa Miki
Shiina Hekiru
Shiraishi Ryoko

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