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Takahashi Nanami (NGT48)

Takahashi Nanami (2019)
For the Rev. from DVL member of the same name, see Takahashi Nanami (Rev. from DVL).

Takahashi Nanami (高橋七実) is a Japanese pop singer and idol. She is a former member of NGT48 Kenkyuusei for Team NIII.


  • Name: Takahashi Nanami (高橋七実)
  • Nickname: Nanamii (ななみぃ), Nanami (ななみ)
  • Birthdate: July 7, 2001 (2001-07-07) (age 22)
  • Birthplace: Miyagi, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 161cm
  • Bands / Groups:

NGT48 Song Participation


Single Participating Song Position/Unit
Sekai no Hito e Soft serve Niigata SHOWROOM Senbatsu
Kyou wa Makedemo Ii Kenkyuusei


  • Currently a member of NGT48 Kenkyuusei. She was a candidate for the 3rd AKB48 Group Draft and was drafted by Team NIII in the third round. She announced her resignation on February 2, 2020 and left the group after March.
  • Her first choice as a draft member was NGT48.
  • She considers herself to never give up, but she occasionally has negative thinking.
  • Her hobbies include singing, dancing, and watching comedies.
  • Her special talent is Y shape balance and dancing.
  • She admires Kawaei Rina and Yamamoto Sayaka.


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