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Love Is Dreaming

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Single Cover
Love is Dreaming
Catalog Number
  1. Love is Dreaming
  2. Wonderland
  3. Love is Dreaming (Original Karaoke)
  4. Wonderland (Original Karaoke)


"Love is Dreaming" is the seventh single released by MAX. The song is a cover with a new arrangement and re-written lyrics of the song "First Kiss" by Singaporean singer Maizurah.[1][1] The title track was used as a theme song for the Family Mart's '97 Summer Campaign commercials. It reached #4 on the Oricon charts and charted for ten weeks, selling 284,000 copies.

Song Information

Ebine Yuushi
Joey Carbone, Jeff Caruthers
Other Information
Arrangement: Ueno Keiichi
Rap Lyrics: MOTSU


There are currently five versions of "Love is Dreaming" to be found in MAX's discography.

Love is Dreaming
Found on the group's seventh single, Love is Dreaming, as track #1. It is also found on the {{Maximum II|MAXIMUM II]] album as track #6, on the MAXIMUM COLLECTION album as track #5, and on the PRECIOUS COLLECTION 1995-2002 as track #7 on Disc #1.
Love is Dreaming (Eurobeat Mix)
Found on the group's first remix album, SUPER EUROBEAT presents HYPER EURO MAX, as track #6.
Love is Dreaming -Kenn Nagai Maximum Mix-
Found on the group's second remix album, MAXIMUM TRANCE, as track #2.
Love is Dreaming (Original Karaoke)
Found on the seventh single, Love is Dreaming, as track #3.
Love is Dreaming (Takashi Ikezawa MIX)
Found on the group's third remix album, NEW EDITION ~MAXIMUM HITS~ , as track #2.


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