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Never Gonna Stop It

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Single Cover
Never gonna stop it
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. Never gonna stop it
  2. So special love
  3. Get ready?
  4. Never gonna stop it (Original Karaoke)
  5. So special love (Original Karaoke)
  6. Get ready? (Original Karaoke)

"Never gonna stop it" is the sixteenth single released by MAX. The single is MAX's first self-produced single and marks their departure from pop to hip-hop. It reached #9 on the Oricon charts and charted for eight weeks. The single sold 153,000 copies. The title track was used as an ending theme for the NTV show GIRLS'. It was also used as a theme song for Bourbon Corporation Kudamono Ippai Jelly commercials.

Song Information

Sasamoto Yasuko, CHINO
Other Information
Arrangement: Sasamoto Yasuko, CHINO
Rap Lyrics: CHINO, KATSU


There are currently three versions of "Never gonna stop it" to be found in MAX's discography.

Never gonna stop it
Found on the group's sixteenth single, Never gonna stop it, as track #1. It is also found on the EMOTIONAL HISTORY album as track #5 and on the PRECIOUS COLLECTION 1995-2002, as track #4 on Disc #2
Never gonna stop it -Huge the shines 37 mix-
Found on the group's second remix album, MAXIMUM TRANCE, as track #9.
Never gonna stop it (Original Karaoke)
Found on the group's sixteenth single, Never gonna stop it, as track #4.

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