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Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~

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Single Cover
Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~ (恋するヴェルファーレダンス 〜Saturday Night〜) (8cm CD)
Catalog Number
  1. Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~ (RAVEMAN MIX) (恋するヴェルファーレダンス 〜Saturday Night〜)
  2. Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~ (NITE MIX)
  3. Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~ (Karaoke)

Side A Vinyl
Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~ (恋するヴェルファーレダンス 〜Saturday Night〜) (Vinyl)
Catalog Number
Side A
  1. Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~ (RAVEMAN MIX)
Side B
  1. Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~ (NITE MIX)


"Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~" is the debut single released by MAX. The single was released while the group was still working as Amuro Namie with SUPER MONKEY'S; the single was released after the SUPER MONKEYS title was dropped and they were solely credited to Amuro Namie (aside from on the back cover art). It was released in two editions: a regular 8cm CD, and a promotional vinyl single. The song was co-wrote by Akimoto Yasushi, who is a well known idol lyricist who primarily has worked with Onyanko Club and AKB48. It is a Japanese language cover of "SATURDAY NIGHT (BE MY BABY)" by Whigfield, and was used as an ending theme for the TV Tokyo show Quiz Aka Haji Aoi Haji. The music video for the song was shot at the Velfarre night club.[1]

The single reached #91 on the weekly Oricon chart, and only ranked for one week, selling 4,000 copies.

Song Information

A. Pignagnoli, Akimoto Yasushi
D.RIVA, A. Pignagnoli
Other Information
Arrangement: t-kimura


There are currently five versions of "Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~" to be found in MAX's discography, and two of them can be found elsewhere. Here are the following two versions of the songs:

Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~
Found on the group's debut single, "Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~" as track #1 on the promotional vinyl. Aside from the vinyl it was not found on a release until 2002's PRECIOUS COLLECTION 1995-2002.
Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~ (HYPER J-EURO MIX)
Found on MAX's debut studio record, MAXIMUM as track #10.


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