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2nd Live Concert: The Great Live Concert

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Album Cover
2nd LIVE Concert: The GREAT LIVE Concert CD
  1. Crazy Dog + Huansang Sogae Goodae (환상 속의 그대)
  2. Heundeureo (흔들어; Shake It)
  3. Wild Wild West
  4. Useo Bonda (웃어본다; Try Smiling) (Daesung Solo)
  5. Daeum Nal (다음날; Next Day) (Seungri Solo)
  6. Ma Girl (Taeyang Solo)
  7. La La La
  8. Babo (바보; Fool)
  9. This Love
  10. Keojitmal (거짓말; Lies)
  11. Amureochi Anheun Cheok (아무렇지 않은 척; Act Like Nothing's Wrong) (T.O.P Solo)
  12. Nunmulppunin Babo (눈물뿐인 바보; A Fool's Only Tears)
  13. But I Love You (G-Dragon Solo)
  14. Majimak Insa (마지막 인사; Last Farewell)
  15. Always (Encore (앵콜))
  16. Keojitmal (거짓말; Lies) (Encore (앵콜))


2nd LIVE Concert: The GREAT LIVE Concert CD is BIGBANG's second live album. It was recorded from 2007.12.28 to 2007.12.30 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena during BIGBANG's "The Great" live tour. The first song of the album is a medley including BIGBANG's "Crazy Dog" and Seo Taiji & Boys's "Huansang Sogae Goodae". The song Wild Wild West is a mixed cover as it contains BIGBANG's How Gee's lyrics and Will Smith's Wild Wild West music and lyrics.

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