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First Live Concert: The Real Live Concert

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Album Cover
First Live Concert: The Real LIVE Concert CD
  1. Big Bang
  2. V.I.P
  3. Ma Girl
  4. Nunmulppunin Babo (눈물뿐인 바보; A Fool's Only Tears)
  5. We Belong Together (Feat. Park Bom (박봄))
  6. Forever With You (Feat. Park Bom (박봄))
  7. Useo Bonda (웃어본다; Try Smiling)
  8. Big Boy
  9. Daeum Nal (다음날; Next Day)
  10. She Can't Get Enough
  11. Dirty Cash
  12. This Love
  13. La-La-La
  14. Good Bye Baby
  15. Heundeureo (흔들어; Shake It)
  16. Dirty Cash (For Fan - Original Track)


First Live Concert: The Real LIVE Concert CD is BIGBANG's first live album. It was recorded on 2006.12.30 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena during BIGBANG's "The Real" live tour.

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