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First Live Concert: The Real Live Concert DVD

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DVD Cover
First Live Concert: The Real LIVE Concert DVD
  1. Opening
  2. Big Bang
  3. V.I.P
  4. Ma Girl
  5. Nunmulppunin Babo (눈물뿐인 바보; A Fool's Only Tears)
  6. We Belong Together (Feat. Park Bom (박봄))
  7. Forever With You (Feat. Park Bom (박봄))
  8. Videoclip 1: I Want to Know That Part1
  9. Useo Bonda (웃어본다; Try Smiling)
  10. Big Boy
  11. Meot Jaeng In Shin Sa + A-Yo! (with Jinusean) (멋쟁이신사; Fly Gentlemen)
  12. Malhaejjwo (with Jinusean) (말해줘; Tell Me)
  13. Daeum Nal (다음날; Next Day)
  14. She Can't Get Enough
  15. Dirty Cash
  16. Videoclip 2: I Want to Know That Part2
  17. Daesung & Seungri: Sarang + Mujogeon (사랑+무조건; Love + Everything)
  18. S.O.S: Nuh Reul Sarang Hae (너를 사랑해; I Love You)
  19. Videoclip 3: Samonim (사모님; Mrs.)
  20. This Love
  21. La La La
  22. Good Bye Baby
  23. Heundeureo (흔들어; Shake It)
  24. Dirty Cash (For Fan)
  • Making Schedule Board
  • Concert Still-cut Gallery


First Live Concert: The Real LIVE Concert DVD is BIGBANG's first live DVD. It was filmed on 2006.12.30 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena during BIGBANG's "The Real" live tour. The song "Meot Jaeng In Shin Sa" is a cover of YG Family's song of the same name, G-Dragon participated in the song and appeared in the music video six years before BIGBANG's formation. The song "Mujogeon", is a cover of Park Sang Chul's trot song of the same name. G-Dragon, T.O.P and Taeyang made a cover of the Korean female idol group S.E.S with the song "Nuh Reul Sarang Hae", for which they dressed as females and performed as "S.O.S".

The DVD includes a 148 page photobook.

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