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Dot Bikini

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Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Limited Edition C Cover
Limited Edition D Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Dot Bikini (ドットビキニ)
Catalog Number
HKCN-50223 (Limited Edition A)
HKCN-50225 (Limited Edition B)
HKCN-50227 (Limited Edition C)
HKCN-50229 (Limited Edition D)
HKCN-50230 (Regular Edition)
¥1,680 (Limited A, B, and C Editions)
¥1,050 (Limited D and Regular Editions)
Limited Editions CD Tracklist
  1. Dot Bikini (ドットビキニ)
  2. Smile Blues (すまいるブルース) (Sumairu Shimai)
  3. Dot Bikini (Instrumental)
Regular Edition CD Tracklist
  1. Dot Bikini (ドットビキニ)
  2. Koibito wa Kokoro no Ouendan (恋人は心の応援団 ; A Lover Is the Heart's Cheerleader) (Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika cover)
  3. Dot Bikini (Instrumental)
Limited Edition A DVD Tracklist
  1. Dot Bikini (Dance Shot Ver.)
Limited Edition B DVD Tracklist
  1. Dot Bikini (Minna Shugo Ver.) (みんな集合 Ver.)
Limited Edition C DVD Tracklist
  1. Dot Bikini (Dance Shot Ver. II)

DVD Cover
Event V "Dot Bikini" (イベントV「ドットビキニ」)
Catalog Number
  1. Dot Bikini (Minna Shugo Ver. II) (みんな集合 Ver.II(ヨコイチ))
  2. Dot Bikini (Wada Ayaka Close-up Ver.)
  3. Dot Bikini (Fukuda Kanon Close-up Ver.)
  4. Dot Bikini (Nakanishi Kana Close-up Ver.)
  5. Dot Bikini (Takeuchi Akari Close-up Ver.)
  6. Dot Bikini (Katsuta Rina Close-up Ver.)
  7. Dot Bikini (Tamura Meimi Close-up Ver.)


"Dot Bikini" is the fourteenth single (tenth major single) released by S/mileage. The single was released in limited A, B, C, D, and regular editions, limited A, B, C, and D coming with bonus DVDs, and limited A, B, C, and D and regular coming with different coupling tracks. Limited editions A to D came with a serial number card which, when entered in a lottery, could win a ticket to one of the single's launch events.

TV Performances
  • [2012.04.27] Happy Music

Featured Members

Song Information

Other Information
Arrangement: Okubo Kaoru


S/mileage promoting the single

There are currently two versions of "Dot Bikini" to be found in S/mileage and Hello! Project's discography. These versions are:

Dot Bikini (Original)
Found on the "Dot Bikini" single as track #1, the S/mileage Best Album Kanzenban 1 album as track #1, and the Petit Best 13 album as track #9.
Dot Bikini (Instrumental)
Found on the "Dot Bikini" single as track #3. This is the standard version without the main vocals.

Concert Performances

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 5 7 6 12 5 4 6 20,043
20 - - - - - - 40 1,683
26 - - - - - - - 407

Total Reported Sales: 22,133*

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