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Ayabie Sokkan Ongen Shuu

Album Cover
Ayabie Sokkan Ongen Shuu (アヤビエ 即完音源集; Ayabie's That is to Say the End Sounds Collection)
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. Shikosahoko (しこさほこ)
  2. Mazochi -Sangatsu ni Mita Yume no Saikousei- (マゾチ -三月に観た夢の再構成-; A View of a Dream's Reconstruction in March)
  3. Aikagi (合鍵; Master Key)
  4. Misery In the Dusk (ミザリィインザダスク)
  5. Kei (景; Scenery)
  6. Asshuku-Roll (圧縮-ロール; Compression Roll)
  7. Daikei no Soko ni Tamatta, Hantoumei no Ori ni Kao wo Nagaku Tsukekomi Sugimashita. (台形の底に溜まった、半透明の澱に顔を長く漬け込みすぎました。)
  8. Nankyoku (南極; The South Pole)
  9. Tseppe-shi, Taberu. (ツェッペ氏、食べる。; Mr. Tseppe, Eat.)
  10. Gothic Party Speed Session (ゴシックパーティースピードセッション)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Daikei (PV) (台形; Trapezoid)
  2. Misery In the Dusk (PV) (ミザリィインザダスク)


Ayabie Sokkan Ongen Shuu is the debut full-length album released by Ayabie. This was released in a CD+DVD only format. The DVD is the first half of their first PV and overall DVD Daikei / Misery In the Dusk. There are only two new songs, track #5 "Kei" and track #9 "Tseppe-shi, Taberu.". The album reached #130 on the major Oricon charts, where it charted for a week.

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