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Tetsu no Shima

First Press Cover
Second Press Cover
Tetsu no Shima (鉄の島; Island of Iron)
2005.01.01 (First Press)
2006.07.19 (Second Press)
Catalog Number
S.D.R-065 (First Press)
S.D.R-106 (Second Press)
  1. Seaside Circus to Pastel Chou (シーサイドサーカスとパステル調; Seaside Circus and Pastel Tones)
  2. Kyoukai Pool (教会プール; A Church Pool)
  3. Hai Kinoko no Mori, Samayoi Sakana (灰キノコの森、さまよい魚; Forest of Gray Mushrooms, Wandering Fish)
  4. Chaos Cream Festival (カオスクリームフェスティバル)
  5. Downer Beautiful Song (ダウナービューティフルソング)
  6. Neko Yoru Tei (猫夜亭; Cat Night Arbor)
  7. Cecily Kuse (セシリー癖; Cecily's Habit)


Testu no Shima is the first mini-album released by Ayabie. This was first released as a CD mini-album in book casing, and was a limited release having only 5,000 copies. That pressing sold out, so a second one was made and released more than a year later. The second pressing is instead housed in DVD/video casing, and is also a limited release having only 5,000 copies. That pressing was released simultaneously with the PV DVD Ayabie Sokkan Eizou Shuu. The mini-album reached #208 on the major Oricon charts, where it charted for two weeks.

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